Thursday, 8 July 2010

New Print Release from Natalie ShauNatalie Shau’s latest release ties in with her first solo show in LA. The ever growing popularity of her stunning digital renderings has finally seen her talent become recognized in the United States. Though the Lithuania based illustrator has been known for her work with clients such as Def Jam Records, French Vogue and Sony BMG, Shau’s passion for contemporary art glows with the growing success of her personal works and exhibitions now shown around the world. The limited edition giclee print ‘Sanitarium’ is set for release from Fine Grime in July 2010. This stunning piece, selected by Natalie herself celebrates Shau’s fantastic gift of capturing gothic charm and fantastical symbolism.Signed and number by Natalie shau, this print shows a dainty doll-like figure, dressed in beautiful pink and lilac garments detailed with a floral design, positioned in grand hallway .

‘Welcome to where time stands still No one leaves and no one will Moon is full, never seems to change Just labeled mentally deranged Dream the same thing every night I see our freedom in my sight No locked doors, no windows barred No things to make my brain seem scarred’- Lyrics from Metallica’s Sanitarium

This print is an attractive piece for any admirer of Natalie Shau’s works, and with edition numbers limited to only 50 is soon to be a sell out.Please contact the Fine Grime Gallery for more information or pop in to view the piece in person.

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