Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Carles Gomila

Carles Gomila seeks to paint works that are tender and yet disturbing, evocative full bodied and elegant. He feels free to represent the human figure and redeem the values of classical art from a contemporary perspective.Gomila was born in Ciutadella de Menorca in 1978. At the moment he makes paintings and drawings of compositions of figures, as much of the natural world as from his imagination, working with great variety of subjects, from the smallest to the monumental. In addition to the author painting, he dedicates a part of his work to how the paintings are prepared. For more than four years he has been intensely dedicated to the experimentation and study of old techniques of oil painting, acquiring a habitual practice that is not often seen in our days: he prepares the supports of the canvasses in an old wold style, using only the best pigments, oils, balsams, resins and other raw materials. All the used materials are of superb quality and guaranteed to survive well into history. Thus, the works receive greater depth of color, wealth of shades and an excellent conservation.

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